Who We Are

Our Founder

Started in 1983 as a banker in SBI for 7 years, Snigdha Nanda had the urge to change her profession after which she became a teacher and finally found herself emerging as an artist. She reminisces about painting on glass to be the best phase of her life. With this art form in her heart and soul, she landed up training differently abled people in 2002. In a year’s time, she was able to help them earn their livelihood through glass painting. This was the turning point in Snigdha’slife and she finally found her calling, when she decided to dedicate her life to the underprivileged people.
In April 2006, she started TAPASWININ VIDYA MANDIR, a free school under TAPASWINI NAVSADHANA, a non-government, non-profit making society with the help of her brother-in-law, Late Mr.Someshwar Guru (retired engineer) in Raigarh (Chhattisgarh), a small town where the help wasn’t as reachable as it is in a metro city.

Our Vision

Children and Women are the pride of each nation. TAPASWINI NAVSADHANA strongly believes that education is the key to empower the underprivileged so they can participate in the society. With the aim of reducing inequalities in the society, TNS provides education and health facilities, as well as vocational training to uplift the underprivileged. We aim at an all-round holistic development of the mindset of each child and youth in a manner where he/she flowers into an educated, healthy and self-reliant adult. Our aim is to support the students throughout their education process until they land secure jobs. Through various women-oriented programs, we also want to encourage adult women to make a mark for themselves in the society, be self-sufficient and independent.

Our vision is to provide quality living to the so-called declass children of the society, their families and communities, youth and senior citizens because each being deserves so.

Our Impact

Tapaswini Vidya Mandir started out with an all women staff brigade and has continued to maintain that till today. Out of the total strength of 200 students, 90 of them are girls. The School not only renders free education for the children but also provides them with midday meals, books, stationery, uniform, shoes and socks and medical and overall health care. The society is also providing help and support to the children pursuing their higher studies after they pass out from the Tapaswini Vidya Mandir. 

57 girls are currently studying in private schools, pursuing higher education. To encourage the adult women, TNS has conducted a 5-year, bridge education course, educating destitute and divorced women in the city. This special project helped us to get associated with Raigarh’s women clubs, like the Inner Wheel, Red Cross, and The Lioness Club who now regularly conduct activities at the school. The government’s introduction of the ‘Laadli Yojana’ & ‘Kanya Yojana’ has played a key role in attracting more girl students. The school ensures that each eligible student reaps the benefits of these schemes

Supporting Partners

We are happy to be associated with

Delhi Flour Mills (DFM Foods),

They have been of a great financial support for the last three years (2015 – 2017).