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How Can You Help?


We at TNS believe that every individual wishes to contribute to the society and is seeking a medium to do the same. It is with this objective in mind that we are reaching out to you today. You would be surprised to know that sponsoring a child’s development for a year takes as little as Rs. 25,000/- (This includes their education material, uniform, medical help, and mid-day meals).

It is our humble appeal to you to contribute to the society, in order for us to accomplish our objectives and help the underprivileged realize their dreams. You may do so by choosing to sponsor a child for his/her education, or make a pledge to contribute on a fixed date every year. You may choose any or all-important days of your life like birthdays, anniversaries, other important occasions, days of achievements, promotions, etc. We encourage you to celebrate your special days by contributing to a good cause. Or you could just on the above-mentioned occasions contribute one day’s special meal for 350 children, which costs Rs. 10,000/- only. You can also make a general donation of any amount and we will assign the funds to the area where we know the need is greatest or you can specify where you want to put the fund. Your prayers and blessings are most welcome too! Your kind words of support are what have kept us going all these years.