Who Are We

Who are we- Our Founder

Started at 1983 as a banker in SBI for 7 years, Snigdha Nanda had the urge to change her profession after which she became a teacher and finally found herself emerging as an artist. She reminisces painting on glass to be the best phase of her life. With this art form in her heart and soul she landed up training differently abled people in 2002. In a year’s time she was able to help them earn their livelihood through glass painting. This was the turning point in Snigdha’s life and she finally found her calling, when she decided to dedicate her life for the underprivileged people. In April 2006, she started TAPASWININ VIDYA MANDIR, a free school under TAPASWINI NAVSADHANA, a non-government, non-profit making society with the help of her brother-in-law, Late Mr. Someshwar Guru (retired engineer) in Raigarh (Chhattisgarh), a small town where the help wasn’t as reachable as it is in a metro city.