Who Are We

Who are we- Our Vision

Children and Women are the pride of each nation. TAPASWINI NAVSADHANA strongly believes that education is the key to empower the underprivileged so they can participate in the society. With the aim of reducing inequalities in the society, TNS provides education and health facilities, as well as vocational training to uplift the underprivileged. We aim at an all-round holistic development of the mindset of each child and youth in a manner where he/she flowers into an educated, healthy and self-reliant adult. Our aim is to support the students throughout their education process, until they land secure jobs. Through various women oriented programs we also want to encourage adult women to make a mark for themselves in the society, be self sufficient and independent. Our vision is to provide quality living to the so called declass children of the society, their families and communities, youth and senior citizens because each being deserves so.