Our Projects - Tapaswini Vidya Mandir

Tapaswini Vidya Mandir

Started in April 2006, with only 27 children and growing upto 50 by the end of the month, Tapaswini Vidya Mandir continued to go strong despite its early hardships. The main challenge was convincing and educating the parents about the concept of free schooling. Parents had 2 major concerns; the first being that a fee might be demanded at any point of time, like a few other schools do. And secondly, how would they afford their child’s education post 5th standard since TVM is only a primary school.
Now, why only Primary School?
Primary school is where a child’s basic education foundation is laid; it is important that the base is strong in order for a child’s academic growth. Before beginning the project, the TVM team went out for a survey in and around Raigarh, to different Government Schools, both primary and secondary. They were surprised to learn the fact that in primary school the teacher – student ratio is 1:60. No wonder the secondary school teachers had major complaints regarding children stepping on to 6th standard without the basic knowledge of alphabets and numbers. This is when TVM decided to start only with the primary school because they believe every child must get good basic education.

Today after 11 years TVM is well established and all the passed out students are enrolled into their second project “Aur Padho”.

Apart from the regular classes in TVM, students here are also given lessons in drawing, painting, dance, music, etc. They participate in all the competitions held in Raigarh and outside the city. A general health check-up for all the students is conducted every month. Children are taken for outings. Cooks have been appointed to provide fresh midday meals to all the students every day. Besides this, every year around 10 students visit New Delhi to perform in shows organized by the TVM team. Currently Tapaswini Vidya Mandir is providing to 200 students.