Our Vision

Children and Women are the pride of each nation. With the aim of reducing inequalities in the society, TNS provides education and health facilities, as well as vocational training to uplift the underprivileged. Our vision is to provide quality living to the so-called declass children of the society, their families and communities, youth and senior citizens because each being deserves so. 

Dance workshop by Jyotsna Borgoyary, Banjara School of Dance


Shruti Dhawan

A great organization! It was not until recently that I understood the depth of how much this organization does for the kids or underprivileged. I am extremely proud to be associated with this organization. We celebrate our kids birthday by hosting lunch for all the kids that go to school here and the team does an excellent job of capturing sweet moments of the kids (eating, cheering, even singing). It’s one place I don’t hesitate to do charity because I know where my money is being spent. There are many such good organizations but most of the places you never see pictures of the kids or their growth but I love the way the staff here keeps you posted with pictures, FB, videos. If you want to do charity, this is a great place for it!